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Meeker PTSA needs volunteers!

Our staff, students, and community benefit from an active PTA to bring fun activities, staff support, and programming to our students.  We are actively seeking individuals to join the PTA board for next school year and help us make it an amazing year for our students! We are also are in need of individuals willing to chair committees next year and to volunteer!


THE MEEKER MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA NOMINATING COMMITTEE invites you to submit nominees for the following positions on the PTSA Executive Board for 2023-2024:


  1. President: Leads PTSA and EC meetings, serves as spokesperson for PTSA

  2. Vice President: Fills in for the president as needed, assists president as needed

  3. Treasurer: Manages the budget, writes checks, balances the books, prepares for audits

  4. Secretary: Keep records of all meetings


All executive committee members are expected to attend the general membership PTSA meetings and PTSA board meetings, attend or support PTSA-sponsored activities, and act as a point person for Committee Chairs. Terms are for one year, beginning July 1st, 2023.


You may nominate yourself or someone else who you think would be a positive addition to the PTSA Board. If you plan to nominate someone other than yourself, be sure to make him/her aware so there are no surprises. To run for office you must have been a PTSA member for 30 days prior to the election. Voting for these positions will take place at our May 25th PTSA General Membership Meeting.


Nominations are due April 1, 2023 and can be submitted by email at: to 

All nominations should be in the following format:  

· I (your name) nominate (nominee’s name) for the position of (Executive Committee position)

· General Info about Nominee (committee(s) previously served, etc)

· Any other school volunteer work: (list volunteer work/role and location this took place)


These nominations will be kept confidential and the nominating committee will be contacting the potential candidates directly prior to the election. If you have questions we are happy to help. This is a great opportunity to be involved in your child’s middle school, plan PTSA activities, and know in advance the events planned for the school year.


Meeker PTA Nominating Committee, 

Natsha Chabot ~Jenny Grayum – Lacey O’Connell - Jeannie Nist

Meeker Middle School PTSA.png


The EC is made up of the officers of the local PTSA Unit. These individuals are elected in April of each year.  

A Nominations Committee recruits individuals and submits the slate to the general membership for vote.

2022-2023 PTSA Officers

President:  Monica Green

Vice-President:  Jeannie Nist

Secretary: Kris Higginson

Treasurer:  Diana Armstrong

Contact us: 


Thanks for submitting!

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